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Mental Health

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. With our special therapies and unique concept we can help you get rid of your mental issues and discover how great you are.

Pain management

It is a branch of therapy that uses an interdisciplinary approach for easing the suffering and improving the quality of life of those living with chronic pain either emotional or physical, through the usage of acupressure, breathworking therapy and different techniques used in psychophysiology therapy.

Holistic therapy

Admit it. You know you have greater potential. A special gift that makes you different from anyone else, something that can make you impact the world in a unique way, and that can make the world a better place. Let us help you to unlock your potential and become the best version of yourself.




Elie Talj

I'm writing this review because people should know that what Dr David is doing is extremely rare. He will guide you, help you to heal and most importantly he will teach you how to heal yourself from physical and emotional pain. The information Dr David has is a real treasure to the body and soul.

Karen Zaklit

My doctor my mentor and my backbone i would never thank you enough for helping me pass from the bottom to the no limit phase ,  from the dark , low esteem to a passionate person that appreciate every moment , u helped me heal myself and my kids thank you ??


Dr David, I was absolutely blown away by the meditation session, I’ve never been able to feel so at peace through breathwork and meditation. I was brought to tears a few times during the session. The healing part of the inner child was very powerful. You were so accurate about myself and my 2 friends today too. See you next week, I am so looking forward to working on clearing my blockages and healing.


Dr. David truly deserves the title "doctor," and he works with his patients with compassion and sympathy. He increases self-worth and self-confidence of his patients. He works patiently with his patients to clear the negativity and bad emotions trapped in their psyche and nervous systems. He makes you a new person living your potential; and through his exercises, you will overcome negativity. I advise people not to ignore themselves, but to rescue themselves with a qualified individual, like Dr. David.


Sharing the message is half the way, after being literally about to die Dr David Abou Khalil saved my life and pulled me over to a very safe shore with healing / hypnosis and a complete soul coaching and continuous guidance it's been a year now I can't be more grateful I urge and recommend you to start your new life journey, we are all tired human beings and the world is sick but one by one we can make a difference I started with myself and miracles are literally happening. Best Mentor!!

Dalia El Hayek

I do not advise anyone to get to know Dr. David and participate in his course because you will become addicted to learning and progress, being noticed and learning how to heal. He has an amazing way to explain it. He has an answer to every question, he is such a genius. I have completed three courses with him. Firstly, INVEST courses with him and Dr. Pierre, secondly, advanced meditation therapy and thirdly, THB. And now I need treatment to stop subscribing to his courses. They are beautiful, fun and useful to this degree.

I highly recommend TITTI because it is impossible to get this amount of information and the amount of generosity in the answers that you will get.

Thank you very much for every second you give us.

Safi Mousa

Meditation is prayer, reverence, connection and communication with the universe .... We lived with Dr. David the most beautiful moments .... moments that made us look at ourselves from the inside and outside .. The course with the utmost sincerity changed my life on the personal level and even on the level of clients whom I teach meditation and positive psychology. ... a course full of scientific material and intensive training to reach the best types of advancement and psychological communication with the universe and others
thank you Doctor. David, and thanks to all the friends who attended the course with us
I became a new person in a new stage of consciousness.

Darine Monsef

You will be having the best mentor ever !!! The specific knowledge you need & the best therapy ever!! 

Lama Tabbara

I highly recommend TITTI & Dr. David if you are looking to start a career in healing therapies. The classes are fun, interactive & rich in content. Dr David is keen on making sure you feel supported throughout the courses & post completion. TITTI is not just another institution, it’s a school of thought & a growing community of loving people whose goal is to spread the joys of healing all around.
Infinite Gratitude on to the next certification.

George Jabr

I highly recommend this place, Dr. David is one of a kind, you will be treated amazingly, whatever it is that you're going through, go there and you won't regret.


I was on the verge of ending my life. I hated myself, I was on OCD pills, in a toxic relationship, and was toxic to myself.
Went to therapy with Dr. David: this is the man that changed my life. He pulled me out of everything. I am today handling myself perfectly, no meds, no toxic people. I'm free and still maintaining myself with him. HE CHANGED MY LIFE.

V - CH

David has literally changed everything.
My path was about self awareness, healing, mindfulness, abundance and evolvement to new perspectives and levels of existence from the inner to the outer make over.
God bless you. May you always shine and impact.

Sara Hijazi

Thanks a lot. IN.VEST 1 was really very very informative course and really change me all over my life . 

So appreciate all your work and dr pierre with us ?


انا اخدت معك جلسة و ان شالله رح اكما باقي جلسات.
بس حبيت احكيلك انا لما اجيت عندك كنت بعاني من كتييير فوبيا بحياتي.
هدول الكم يوم الي بعد الجلسة صارت معي شغلة بضحك.
كنت خاف كتير من القطط و الكلاب، رحت عند بيت صاحبة جديدة الي و كان عندها كلبين ما بعرف كيف صرت العب معهم و ضليت ملزقة فيهم و صار نفسي اجيب كلب على البيت عندي. و هلا بس اشوفهم بال بارك بكيف و بروح العب معهم

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