Practicing entails repeatedly doing the desired movement or thinking until it becomes automatic.

Your subconscious mind is rewired.

In my experience, there is a simple and effective 3-step sequence for subconscious rewiring that I use.

1- Recognize the pattern. The first step is usually to see. To see means to bring something that was previously subconscious to your conscious thinking.
That meant my physical therapy patients that had issues walking had to acknowledge consciously that they couldn’t walk like they used to. They needed to accept where they were at the time.
A subconscious thinking like “I am impoverished” or “I am unworthy” has the same effect. To see that thought, you use the strength of your consciousness.
You make the concept conscious in your mind.

2- Redirect your concentration. You may now literally rewire the subconscious thought once it sees the light of your awareness.
You focus your attention on what you want.
Using the example of “I am impoverished,” you focus on what you want rather than the concept itself.
In your subconscious mind, you plant a seed that is diametrically opposed to that thought.
“I have a lot.” Repeat it in front of the mirror. “I have a lot.” In every cell of your body, you can feel the reality of that sentence.
“I have a lot.”
Don’t merely say or think those words. It’s simple to say something.
The trick is that you have to feel this reality with all of your senses. There is plenty to see, smell, taste, and touch.
You are letting this new seed, this new notion, to develop every time you focus your attention on it.
Your conscious mind’s awareness is like the light beaming on a seed.

3- Make thankfulness a habit. If awareness is like the sun beaming on a seed, appreciation is like the water that helps it grow.
Gratitude and awareness go hand in hand.
Appreciate what you have now. Be thankful for your current situation.
I vividly recall how thankfulness manifested itself in the lives of my patients. Others who accepted what had happened and were grateful to be alive fared much better than those who were enraged by their circumstances.
Gratitude aided my patients in relearning how to walk.
Other subconscious patterns are similarly affected.
Observe. Refocus your attention consciously. Be thankful.
That is how your subconscious mind is rewired.
Your subconscious mind will soon think “I am valuable” or “I am abundant” as naturally as your legs move as you walk down the street.

And that’s how you attract all kinds of abundance.