“The first step to mending is always awareness.” Deborah King

Are you stuck because of past traumas and suppressed emotions? It’s true that you can be harmed by what you don’t know. Negative ideas and unprocessed sentiments could be lurking in your subconscious mind, wreaking havoc on your health and happiness. In my work as an energy healer and spiritual teacher, I’ve discovered that suppressed ideas and sentiments are the number one barrier to people’s spiritual growth and the primary cause of sickness. If you bury painful events, they will eventually obstruct the healthy flow of energy through your chakra energy system.

Fortunately, it’s never too late to use energy therapy to heal ancient traumas. Traumas that haven’t been properly processed produce chakra blockages. The healing process is the same whether the emotional build-up is current or twenty years old. Become more self-aware and learn the truth about yourself to overcome the denial of buried ideas and feelings.

Telling the truth is an act of love for yourself, your life, and everyone you care about. The lies that were used to cover your truth are like a ticking time bomb inside you; the sooner you are willing to destroy the lies, the sooner you can heal. Giving oneself a reading using chakra cards is a really powerful way to start recognizing your reality. The cards provide you a personalized, one-of-a-kind message to help you write your truth in a notebook.

Here are three easy ways to use chakra cards:

  1. Allow the cards to absorb your energy by holding them in your hand. Shuffle the deck well, turn it face down, and choose a card at random.
  2. In your notebook, answer the question asked on this card. Without self-editing, explore and deepen your opinions about the subject. This will assist you in integrating all aspects of yourself, including those you’ve buried or repressed, which is the first step toward healing your mind and body.
  3. Make a mental note of the color of the card you’re using. The cards are color-coded to correlate to the body’s seven major energy centers, or chakras. This will assist you in focusing your energies on the regions that require the greatest healing. The cards offer advice on how to rebalance that chakra.

Your notebook can become a powerful tool for self-discovery when used in conjunction with the chakra cards. In your journal, be fully honest. Don’t be afraid to tell it how it is. If you’re angry, let it out. The goal is to be genuine. When you can trust yourself to be honest in your notebook, you can trust yourself to be honest in the real world as well. Simply see how your entire body relaxes when you speak your truth. You’ve given yourself permission to be yourself — to speak your opinion and express who you truly are.

It is not always easy to share your deepest thoughts and feelings — your desires and regrets, your concerns and uncertainties, your pleasures and heartbreaks – but it is absolutely necessary for your health. These concerns lose their hold over you as you bring them to the surface, allowing you to create the life of your dreams. When you write about your feelings, they are released from your body, preventing them from causing blocks and distortions in your chakras.

The ancient philosophers encouraged us to “know thyself” thousands of years ago. And it’s absolutely correct. All of our illness and unhappiness stems from the secrets we hide and the lies we tell ourselves. To truly understand oneself, you must maintain a constant state of self-reflection in order to determine how you feel about everything that has happened to you in the past and everything that is happening to you today. You’ll begin to be aware of your emotions in the present moment and maintain your energy flowing smoothly.