Fear may creep into your energetic system and create havoc, whether it’s a worldwide pandemic, racial injustice, or personal issues.

With everything going on in the world right now, especially in the United States, it’s difficult to predict what will happen next — and that uncertainty can feel like walking blindfolded toward the edge of a cliff. Many folks are also having financial difficulties.

If you’re familiar with your first chakra, also known as the foundation chakra or root chakra, you’re aware that it’s the power center in charge of protection and survival…

What you may not realize is that the Earth has a chakra system of her own, and her base chakra is severely out of balance as a result of all the chaos.

People, whether they realize it or not, are experiencing a fundamental disruption in themselves and the Earth. Anxiety and agitation are simple to blame on the smallest of things, but you’re actually absorbing the energy of everyone and everything on the earth, and everyone in every country is extremely anxious right now.

These are all root chakra survival issues, from work and health to income, family, and groups we care about. Tropical storms, wildfires, and other natural disasters are all examples of this.

The good news is that you may eliminate fear and worry from your base chakra and replace it with beneficial energy… Stop fear from taking root in your energy field and power centers.

You can also direct healing energies to Mother Nature. And when you do this, the beneficial impacts ricochet, potentially reducing the turbulence on our planet.

A word or two about fear: Fear is vital for life on this physical level to some extent. Fear may protect you against dangers such as heights, snakes, water, or any type of injury. Fear served as a warning mechanism for your forefathers to keep them from falling off a cliff, being bitten by a venomous snake, drowning in a river, or being wounded by someone or something. Thousands of years of fear programming in your brain continue to protect your body from damage.

But what happens if you live in constant fear? Is it possible to stay awake all day? Fear of a world that appears to be falling apart, loneliness, and failure – these anxieties can seep into your brain and hinder you from contributing to humanity’s advancement or living a meaningful life full of positive interactions and experiences. These anxieties can harm your prospects of living in light and love — as well as humanity’s and the planet’s — so let’s seek some relief! It’s been a long time coming.

The ability of your base chakra to help you let go of unproductive fear.

The original home of fear is in your first chakra. This base chakra is associated to your security and survival and is placed at the base of your spine. It’s your foundation, and it has the potential to connect you to the physical world and ground you. When it’s out of whack, however, you may not feel secure in your own skin or in your place in the world. It’s possible that you don’t feel anchored or present. To put it mildly, you can find yourself stressed.

Childhood traumas might get buried in your base chakra unless you figure out how to get them out. Fear of illness, global tragedy, and cruelty – all of these things can impede or distort the free flow of energy in your base chakra, as can personal anxieties about safety, security, and stability.

4 Healing Practices to Clear Blocks in Your Base Chakra — and the Earth’s Base Chakra:

  1. Do a Grounding Meditation first.

When you’re ungrounded, you’re more susceptible to fear’s draining energy, and you’re more likely to become obstructed. Fear enters through the open doors of stress and pressure and takes up residence in your mind and body. Meditation is one of the most effective strategies to center yourself so that you can keep the doors to fear closed and the doors to love open. Every day, meditate, and your fears, as well as fear-in-disguise feelings like worry and hopelessness, will begin to fade.

Begin by sitting with your eyes closed, either in the classic lotus posture on the floor or in a reclined chair with your feet placed on the ground. Keep your hands on your knees – this is quite grounding in and of itself.

See a crimson cord from your base chakra, which is located at the base of your spine, planting itself firmly in the ground.

Visualize the energy of the Earth’s base chakra radiating in all directions and whirling rhythmically as it sparkles with ruby-red light as your chord decreases. Mount Shasta in Northern California is said to be the location of the Earth’s base chakra, which Native American cultures considered to be a geyser of upward energy.

Observe how the energy it emits rises via your grounding cord and into your physical body. Deeply inhale as you absorb the power that the Earth has always had for you. The Earth, like the most resourceful mother, is always able to carry and nurture you, as she replenishes herself with endless love and a profound connection to the entire world.

Now imagine this energy covering the entire earth and infusing life into your own base chakra. Observe how the healing flow of this brilliant red energy flushes away fear, old systems and ways of life that need to be released, negative thoughts and habits, and stale energy as you envision it. Watch as your and the Earth’s stuckness dissipates into a vacuum of light, where it is transmuted into golden love.

Imagine the base chakra of the Earth as a crimson flower. Keep an eye on that flower as it grows. Visualize its radiant energy flowing up your grounding cord until it blossoms into your own crimson flower at the base of your spine. Visualize the flowers rotating and exuding stability, comfort, and safety for around 5 minutes. Fear, negativity, and anything else you or I don’t need will fade away.

Rest your hands on your heart chakra after a few minutes, and feel the corners of your lips rise as you smile with confidence that you and the Earth are in good hands.

  1. Use affirmations to help you.

Affirmations are effective techniques for balancing the chakras. Consciously repeating positive affirmations while concentrating on your base chakra strengthens its inherent ability to ground and protect you. Affirmations also help you rewire your brain. Chronic negative ideas (“This world is nuts — we’ll never have equality,” “The virus is still raging — it’ll never go away,” and so on) are not only signs of an unbalanced base chakra, but they can also contribute to tension and blockages. Fear-focused thoughts are more easily replaced with love-focused ideas when you utilize productive affirmations.

To employ the following affirmation, meditate on your base chakra and repeat the following words out loud or in your mind:

I feel comfortable, secure, and connected to the rest of the world. I’m supposed to be here.

This affirmation can be repeated throughout the day to help you feel safe and secure. Make a mental note of it and stick it on your mirror, refrigerator, or dashboard. Another option is to use your phone to set reminders to repeat the affirmation every couple of hours. You may even scribble it on a piece of paper and hide it under your pillow at night. Allow its energy to pervade your slumber and dreams. Sleep, after all, ties you to Spirit, which, like the Earth, is constantly there to sustain you.

  1. Experiment with color

Color is a simple technique to restore the balance of your root chakra. Wear more red because it is the color of your primary chakra. Get a red lampshade, bring out that red blanket for a pleasant sleep, or paint your living room a warm, deep red to incorporate ruby colours into your home environment. Wear a garnet ring, a coral necklace, and a burgundy pen to write with. Replace your yellow tea kettle with a red one, add rose petals to your bath water, paint your nails the color of red wine, try a bright red lipstick, and replace your yellow tea kettle with a red one. The most important thing is to work with the red items you chose purposefully, connecting them to your base chakra. Simply repeat the affirmation to complete the connection.

  1. Consume Base-Chakra-Healing Foods

Root veggies can assist enhance your connection to the physical world because your base chakra is concerned about connecting you to the Earth. Try roasting beets, rutabagas, potatoes, garlic, ginger, turnips, onions, and parsnips with salt and olive oil for a quick, tasty grounding supper. Earthy stews and bone broths can be highly nourishing for your base chakra if you eat meat. For more flavor and rich, crimson richness, add cereals like oats, mineral drops from the Great Salt Lake or elsewhere, red fruits like berries, or spices like paprika. As you eat the healing foods, imagine sending nutrients to your base chakra. Include the affirmation in your prayers as a way of thanking Mother Earth for her provision. This will infuse the foods with even more nourishment for your base, giving you a stronger ability to flourish even during these times of massive change.

It is your birthright to feel rooted, firm, and secure in the world.

Always keep in mind that having a balanced base chakra and all of your chakras is normal. Restoring that natural balance can take a short time or a long time, depending on a variety of circumstances. Whatever the case may be, you deserve to feel the sense of safety, security, vigor, and joy that comes with doing these exercises. You’ll build a deeper sense of security on this lovely planet that has been disturbed for a long time but is ripe with possibility as you spend more time anchoring yourself in your base chakra and that of the Earth.