Every time you don’t follow your inner guidance, you feel a loss of energy, loss of power, a sense of spiritual sadness.

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Dr. David

Dr. David Abou Khalil (DPT, MpsyD, CHT, AC, ABAAM, BWRT) is the CEO and creator of Upchanging Lives LLC, he has a rich and wide background that comprehends different specialities, besides from being a personal counselor and expert dowser and healer, he is also an international trainer, spiritual coach, corporate consultant, author, senior therapist and educator.

He is driven by the belief that each one of us has the potential to achieve greatness and unlimited abilities merging the traditional therapies with evidence based practices and combining the ancient techniques with the latest tools in research. He has literally changed the life of thousands of people around the globe teaching them as well through his innovative workshops (Transpersonal Energy medicine, the Transformational Holistic breathing THB®️, Trauma therapy, Advanced meditation therapy, Psychosomatic therapy and IN.VEST ™️ self mastery curriculum) different ways to rewire their brains, acquire higher states of consciousness and recondition their bodies to make lasting changes.

Dr. David’s passion can be found at the intersection of the latest findings from the fields of Chinese medicine, holistic medicine, neuropsychology, pain management, mind-body medicine and psychosomatic medicine.

He uses that knowledge to help people heal themselves of illnesses, chronic conditions and to let them evolve their consciousness and enjoy a fulfilled life.

Dr David is an expert in dowsing and energy medicine, his scope of practice is not limited to treat the human biofield but also the environmental energy such as houses and landscapes and the pathogenic electromagnetic lines that can affect the human being in its totality, for this purpose he uses many techniques that combine numerology. sacred geometry, Feng Shui, Vastu and other treatment modalities.  

His wide range of specialties comprehend:

  • Mind-Body Medicine (MGH)
  • PhD in Metaphysical Psychology (SU-UOM)
  • Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy (St.Joseph University)
  • Brainworking Recursive Therapist (Expert Level)
  • Acupuncture and Chinese medicine (Tianjin University China)
  • American Board of Anti-Aging and regenerative health practitioners (A4M)
  • Master Hypnotherapist and Auto-Hypnosis teacher (NGH)
  • Specialized in Psycho sexual therapy (EI) and cognitive behavioral therapy (MGH)
  • Graduate of BioGeometry Advanced Foundation Training Level
  • International trainer in Energy medicine and holistic therapy
  • Founder and innovator of The Transformational Holistic Breathing®️

Dr. David Abi Khalil is an expert in holistic medicine. He integrates his immense knowledge of Eastern and Western sciences to provide his clientele with specific and individualized approaches that ensure long-term healing results and avoid relapses, as he also developed the transformative holistic breathing technique, a revolutionary integrative treatment modality that addresses the underlying cause of disorders and their manifestation throughout the spiritual, emotional, and physical bodies.

Dr. David is the Founder and CEO of the T.A.P.A. NGO (The Anti-Pornographic Association) and the Vice President of the Lebanese Syndicate of Hypnotherapists.

Dr. Abi Khalil is the founder and innovator of The International Transpersonal Therapies Institute (TITTI), which aims to spread the sciences of consciousness, advanced energy healing, and mind-body therapies to patients (mainstream) and professionals as well.

In the matter of being a corporate consultant, Dr. David gives on-site lectures and workshops for businesses and corporations interested in using advanced breathing techniques, neuropsychology techniques, stress, and emotion management techniques, and the secrets of Prana’s manipulation to boost their employees’ creativity, productivity, innovation, and more.

As a personal counselor and senior therapist. Dr. David assists his clients with advanced dowsing and radionics methods, in addition to numerous mind-body modalities, to rehabilitate their mind, body, energy, and spirit in their entirety.

Dr. David employs a holistic approach to his healing methods, which include workshops such as breath work, advanced energy healing, brain rewiring techniques, hypnotherapy, sound therapy, bio-field work, and much more. for over 20 years of being a healer, instructor, and international trainer, specializing in a broad range of mind-body practices and life-changing therapies to ensure holistic well-being.

Currently, Dr. Abi Khalil resides between Lebanon and Dubai as he operates as a breath work expert, hypnotherapist, and holistic energy healer, utilizing a holistic perspective towards healing that encompasses stress and emotion management, transformational counseling, breath work, advanced energy healing, brain rewiring techniques, hypnosis, sound therapy, bio-field work, and many other techniques. Through his several specialties, he also has the ability and capacity to aid with difficult cases, perplexing suffering, a diversity of psychological issues, core identity complexities, and physical ailments. Dr. David is also a spiritual coach and intuitive psychic who teaches nine different aspects of meditation practices.

His extensive scientific background, along with his deep spiritual experience and practice, displays his willingness to heal the root causes of illnesses as well as the various facets of damage and suffering, whether in the human being or his surroundings. His purpose is to advance the sciences of wellness and positive psychology, instruct self-development and mastery practices, and lay out the sciences of consciousness and happiness. His major goal is to provide you with a balanced, stress-free life and the skills you have to acquire to overcome any struggle or challenging obstacle!

My therapeutic approach to healing

My therapeutic approach regarding the healing system is based on a meticulous five-step diagnosis in which I assess emotional congestion within the psyche, active traumas that are still emotionally loaded, and their projecting manifestation within the body in the form of emotional blocks and various group muscle stiffness related to sympathetic system overdrive.

On the other hand, I dowse the movement of Prana within the chakra system to detect the state of the energy vortex, either blocked, congested, deficient, neutral, or normal, and its correlation with the suppressed, buried emotions. Besides that, my study of the flow of qi within the meridian system and the body’s polarity can show me the translation of the psychological load into the biofield of my client and the projection of any conflict or judgment towards the father and mother images into the Yin and Yang energy of my patient. All of the above is completed by a detailed tongue diagnosis that can decipher what kind of emotions are affecting the bodily organs of my patient and the best maneuver that I should use to release the traumas and negative emotions from the body and the nervous system.

In particular, by performing a thorough subconscious mind examination and specific tests to determine the state of my client’s neurological system, many other diagnostic steps, such as breath assessment and old and new self-patterns, can help me understand the psychosomatic connection between my patient’s mind and body in depth and find the most effective technique to reprogram the subconscious mind for long-term results after releasing and healing the mind-body-energy complex.

My diagnosis regarding the patient’s case would be established during the first session, as it becomes crucial to select the best techniques, which are frequently combined, to completely and permanently heal my patient’s issues while offering the perfect holistic and integrative approach that can tackle the fundamental root causes of diseases and improve psychological, physical, and spiritual health, all while respecting the confidentiality of the received information following the code of ethics. Due to its dynamic method that would heal the burdened mind and inflamed brain and their somato-energetic correlation, my therapeutic philosophy can improve and heal resistant physical, emotional, and spiritual issues while preventing relapse.

Breathwork, hypnosis, brain rewiring techniques, trauma release, neuro tremor treatment, energy medicine, CBT, acupuncture, moxibustion, EFT, polarity therapy, psychosexual therapy, and many other modalities form an impartial part of my combined therapeutic approach. The diagnosis session can last almost an hour and a half; the therapy session could last up to two hours, with a five-day interval between them for optimal efficiency. Based on hundreds of cases and international testimonials, this unique approach has demonstrated its effectiveness with a broad spectrum of medical and psychological conditions. The results are immediate, and side effects are uncommon, if not insignificant.




I came to Dr David office by a chance as I was feeling dark and heavy. I took six sessions to release my trauma and increase my energy level and it was like magic. I was fully transformed under his support and I feel light and energized. I said to my people that I was dead and now I am fully a live and I feel every cell in my body.
He recommended to wear this the X Divine necklace which I did and not only it helped my energy balance to bounce but also I felt protected and strong. Thank you @drdavid_abou_khalil for marking the world a better place.

Thank you

Dear David, 
I wanted to take a moment to tell you that I am immensely grateful for the healing sessions we had last week 
It was beyond anything I could have ever imagined and it was without a doubt the most powerful and most healing experience my body went through in my entire life. 
I cried like never before. I actually didn’t know I could cry this much. Most importantly, I hope I released all the sadness, toxicity, negativity, fear, insecurity and anger stuck in my body. All I can say is after our last session, I felt much more at peace. I now hope to find clarity in my mind too. 
Thank you for guiding me with kindness and patience through this process. I am grateful once again. 
Hope to see you again soon!


“Thank you for the serenity, for the feeling of purity, for the peace and for the calmness I feel when I'm wearing the pendant. But this is only the immediate effect. The long term effect however is beyond words. I've been wearing it for 10 days now, and I feel elevated spiritually, mentally and emotionally. And although there's a lot going on around me, I feel I have the power to withstand it all. Can't wait to experience the transformation I will achieve by wearing it constantly over long periods of time! Once again, thank you.”


"I was skeptical about space energy clearing at first, but after Dr. David cleared the negative energy from my home, I felt a huge difference. I am now sleeping better, feeling less stressed, and more productive. I highly recommend Dr. David's services."


“Very beautiful pendant, the best energy healing tool, sleeping better, healing better, more energy thank you Dr. David for the Agla Auric Shield.”


“One of the best investments I’ve ever made, thank you Dr. David for changing my life with your unique space energy clearing.”

Are you ready to create a home that is harmonious, balanced, and conducive to your well-being?