Did you know that giving yourself the gift of abundance is the greatest gift you can give yourself? With an abundant attitude and an open crown chakra, you may attract anything your heart desires: serenity, joy, laughter, happiness, strength, a dream career, a stronger connection to Source, a deeper alignment with your higher self and life purpose. You can really change everything with one modification!

Happiness as a Source

You’ve surely seen that some people appear to have it all: good health, wealth, excellent careers, happy marriages and partnerships, and most importantly, genuine happiness. From the outside looking in, it may appear like their worldly wealth brought them happiness, but the truth is that it generally works the other way around. External abundance is the result of internal perspective, clarity, and alignment with your soul mission. Abundance starts with you, with your thoughts and attitude, and there’s no limit to what the universe can give for you if you have the right mindset.

What You Give Is What You Get

The Earth is a closed circle; energy can only be converted, not created, and everything on our globe is connected by the united field. This means that you are connected to your neighbors and everyone else, as well as the physical earth, higher planes, and Source, and that what you do affects both your personal energy and the energy around you. Every day, you can witness this in small ways. Consider how simple it is to being drawn into another person’s negative attitude when they’re close by—their energy may practically drag yours down.

However, the opposite is also true, and positive energy may spread like wildfire. In reality, by learning energy healing and walking the path of light, you are assisting in the raising of your own vibration, which in turn raises the vibrations of people around you, and ultimately, the entire universe. This is no little matter—energy may seem imperceptible, but it is far more powerful than anything apparent to the naked eye, and as it heals you, it heals the entire planet.

If you ask for something, you will get it.

Affluence is guided by the same interconnectivity idea. Your ideas and emotions have their own energy, and what you think about, obsess over, will manifest eventually. By thinking and feeling about it so much, you give it weight. This has been demonstrated in research that demonstrate the effectiveness of prayer. Thought and emotion work together to send that energy out into the world, where it might be developed into desire and back to you. A continuous, meaningful request to the universe, accompanied with giving back what you wish to receive, is all it takes to achieve abundance.

Shift Your Attention

So, if you spend all of your time worrying about how much money you don’t have, the world interprets this as a request, and you will continue to be deprived of it. It will be difficult to meet a partner if you continuously bemoan the fact that you are not in a relationship. If you’re always anxious about being sick, the universe will deliver a sickness to you. You will receive what you put your energy into, so if you want to generate the positive, you must change your focus and attitude.

Start donating what you can if you desire additional money. Adopt a pet if you want more love. Be of assistance without expecting anything in return. True abundance is an inner understanding that you are living your best life, so shift your focus from the lack of what you want to bringing what you desire into your life so you can be that best version.

Sometimes I find that people are unable to manifest their wishes because they do not believe they are truly deserving of them. When your thoughts and emotions are in conflict, the universe tends to listen to your feelings. You may claim to want more peace, but you will continue to be punished if you secretly believe you deserve to be punished for previous misdeeds. Energy healing techniques like as meditation and journaling can help you shift your thinking from negative to positive, allowing you to attract the abundance you need and deserve.

Activate your Crown Chakra

Opening your seventh chakra, which is located at the crown of your head and is linked to cognition, consciousness, information, and intelligence—all parts of the knowing process—is another approach to produce internal abundance. When the seventh chakra is clear and balanced, divine energy from the cosmic field can flow into it, increasing your consciousness and giving you a better understanding of what you were born to perform. With this knowledge, you may manifest the life you desire—the life you were born to live—as well as the abundance you desire.

Abundance comes from having a purpose.

The more your crown chakra is open, the more linked you are to your higher self, allowing you to fully comprehend your purpose on this planet. Students who have won the lottery or finally made it to the tenth floor executive office suite but are still unhappy are usually not on their actual path—the blueprint their soul laid out for them before they incarnated. Sure, they appear to be “successful,” but are they truly successful?

People who are wealthy are always joyful because their wealth stems from impulses that are deeper and more personal than money or celebrity. Real successes are life accomplishments that are perfectly aligned with your soul mission and, as a result, are both spiritually and personally rewarding and significant. My mission is to teach you energy healing and how to live a healthier, happier life, which has helped me to be happier and healthier as well.

You will have no shortage of fulfillment and delight when you discover what you are supposed to be doing on this planet, regardless of how much money you make. And, more than likely, you’ll make more money, have more peace, resiliency, love, and everything else your heart desires, since true abundance is what you experience in your spirit, not simply in your bank account.