Are we truly islands? Nope! Science and mystics alike suggest we’re all connected to a vast collective consciousness. This means separation is an illusion, and our actions ripple outward. How can we cultivate a sense of oneness with the world?

Leo Tolstoy has a very important quote:

Do not grin in the face of other’s suffering & sorrow. Show them some empathy. Be a human or die trying.

A person who is drowned in himself, drowned in his ego, who believes that he is the center of the universe, is a person separated from the truth, thus there is no separation between the individual & the collective. The more the individual is separated from the collective, the more it lives in MAYA or illusion. The more harmony I share with others feeling and striving to alleviate the pain of others, the more I am living my true self, and I will have comprehended the rules of the universe, and I won’t be leading a self-centered life. Because true existence is an integrated, harmonious & inseparable existence.

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