The duality of Yin and Yang emerges not just in nature, but within each of us as well, defining our experiences and energy dynamics. This fundamental energy dynamic, frequently portrayed in our chakra system as masculine and feminine energies, holds the key to comprehending and balancing our inner world.

The AGLA Auric Shield® pendant has received widespread praise for its unique ability to open and balance the heart chakra and all Yin chakras, raising the vibrational frequency of our auric field to an incredible 1200Hz. Building on this accomplishment, the release of the X Divine Ray® represents a huge breakthrough – a dynamic Yang booster meant to improve different facets of our life.

This one-of-a-kind pendant is designed to awaken the masculine energy inside us, promoting an improvement in many aspects of our lives, including prosperity, relationships, self-confidence, vocal expression, and spiritual connection.

The secret is the flawless collaboration of the AGLA Auric Shield® and the X Divine Ray®. Wearing these pendants together creates a delicate balance of energy throughout the body, enhancing the frequency of our aura. This conscious harmony acts as a strong catalyst, drawing a plethora of optimism and abundance into our life easily.

Wear the AGLA Auric Shield® on the heart chakra for best effects, allowing the number 22 resonance to open the heart center and restore balance to the body. Wear the X Divine Ray® near the solar plexus chakra at the same time to strengthen male energy and promote Yin-Yang equilibrium.

Embrace the fusion of these two pendants to realize the full power of your Yin and Yang energies, enabling your aura to glow with an irresistible magnetism, effortlessly attracting a variety of wonderful occurrences and experiences.

Experience the transformational power of balanced energies and discover a life full of limitless possibilities. Accept the harmony inside to create an incredible world full of riches and fulfillment.

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