Happy to conduct a life-changing breathworking meditation group session at Miracles Dubai for mind, body, and soul healing and regeneration!!

The importance of group session therapy is that hearing from others with similar issues helps in seeing that you’re not alone in having challenges whether you’re grappling with panic attacks, depression, or another mental health issue.

Breathworking is an ancient healing modality that uses just the breath to release anxiety, stress, and reach higher states of consciousness.

Meditation has been practiced in cultures all over the world for thousands of years to create a sense of calm and inner harmony.

Meditation is known as the act of giving your attention to only one thing in the present.

3 benefits of breathworking meditation:

  1. It helps relieve anxiety
  2. It helps connect you to your intuition
  3. It supports physical well-being

P.S All safety measures were taken.