What are some of the things you’d like to alter in your life?

Are you feeling stressed and seeking for a way to relax? Are you unsure about your future or which path to take in life? Are you looking for spiritual enlightenment, healing, or a greater sense of fulfillment? Chakras are your secret weapons in the fight against dissatisfaction, isolation, and fear. You can modify your actions and attitude to better live in accordance with your higher self and genuine soul purpose, and become the light bearer you were meant to be, with the understanding acquired by accessing these powerful energy centers.

The Answer to Your Dilemmas

These days, almost everyone is looking for something. Many people come to me with a broad sense of dissatisfaction with their employment, relationships, or sense of purpose, and they don’t understand why they can’t seem to shake their funk or improve a particular aspect of their lives. Others have a sickness or injury that is resistant to conventional treatment, or something intangible like sadness, weight gain, or insomnia. Does this ring true for you? Whatever problem you’re facing, when you tap into the wisdom of your chakras, you’ll be able to solve it and be on your path to a healthier and happier future.

Chakra means “wheel” or “vortex” in Sanskrit, and that’s exactly what it is: a spinning wheel or vortex of energy that pulsates and pushes energy in and out between your personal energy field and the global field that pervades everything. This energy exchange is vital for your health because it cleans, balances, and nourishes you with new, fresh energy. Your chakras and energy field, as well as your mentality and body, become debilitated without it. Chakras that are in good shape allow energy to flow freely, keeping you healthy.

Nourishment for the Energized

Consider it this way: your energy field, like your body, need nourishment, and the global field gives that nourishment. When your chakras become blocked or twisted, you don’t get enough sustenance from the global field, and your energy plummets, you become intellectually cloudy, your emotions go haywire, and you can eventually become sick, just like when you don’t consume enough excellent food.

Because what happens in your energy field reflects in your body, energetic feeding is very vital. That’s how energy healing works: when the energy field is healed, the body is also healed. Energy therapy can treat everything from a headache to a heartbreak, diabetes to a broken ankle, obesity to cancer by correcting distortions in your chakras.

What Happens When a Chakra Is Unbalanced?

There are seven major chakras, which run roughly from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. Each chakra is connected to distinct sections of your body and influences different aspects of your life. When a chakra is blocked, it affects the arenas that correlate to that chakra.

The throat chakra, for example, is the source of your honesty, the spot where you communicate your truth. You may have difficulties speaking your thoughts and expressing your views if your throat chakra is out of balance, and you may be easily persuaded by others. Physical symptoms such as difficulties with the thyroid, neck, jaw, teeth, gums, or mouth might occur if the chakra remains dysfunctional for a long time. This is why energy healing is so important: the greatest way to preserve your health is to keep your chakras clear, energized, and balanced.

The Higher Chakras

There are also the hidden higher chakras, beginning with the ninth, via which you can reach higher realms, psychic skills, and finally Source itself. Spirit has lead me to become intimately familiar with these higher chakras through advanced states of meditation over the course of my thirty years of study practice, and teaching.. Now I want to pass that information on to you!