You may not realize it, but your soul devised a plan for your time on Earth, your life purpose, before you incarnated into your current physical body. There are lessons you must learn in each incarnation to keep you progressing, and your soul constructs blueprints for the best methods to learn and benefit from those lessons so you may get the most out of your time here. Is it true that you are living your true life purpose and following your soul’s plan?

Do You Have a Sense of Fulfillment?

You feel more at ease with yourself and your place in the world when you live in accordance with your soul’s plan. One of the most common origins of negative emotions and blocked chakras among students who attend my energy healing classes and workshops is a sense of purposelessness in their life, a nagging sense of discontent with how they spend their days. They are frequently trapped in roles they were forced into or assumed for someone other than themselves. They have a sense of being out of place and unfulfilled. They are exhausted on all levels: mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Does it describe you?

If you’ve been feeling confined, dissatisfied, bored, or uninspired for a long time, it might be time to recognize that you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing. You don’t want to wait until negative emotions have a detrimental impact on your chakras and energy field, wreaking havoc on your body and energy field. It’s not just about being joyful when you live your life purposefully; it’s also about your health.

“See” Beyond

You must first uncover what your soul’s blueprint for your life is in order to live it out, which you may achieve by cleansing, charging, and growing your sixth chakra. Because it oversees what you “see” in all of its forms: physical sight, memory, imagination, perception, thought, and intuition, your sixth chakra is also known as your third eye chakra. When you enlarge this chakra, you may “see” beyond your basic five senses, even beyond the physical plane, and obtain access to all the information stored in the universal field from the past, present, and future. You’ll be able to recognize what’s most essential for you and your life, and make choices that lead you down the road you were meant to take, thanks to your expanded consciousness and helpful guidance from higher realms.

Get to Know Your Higher Self

A balanced sixth chakra also allows you to communicate with your higher self, where your soul contract is kept “on file.” Your higher self is constantly aware of your soul’s purpose, but once you’re on the physical plane, it may not be as evident to your personality. Energy healing can assist you in releasing the required baggage from your sixth chakra, allowing you to connect with your higher self and access the blueprints put down by your soul. You may be confident that you are making the right decisions if you know you are building on the appropriate foundation.

Here are some tips for clearing, charging, and balancing your third eye chakra so you can find your life’s purpose.

  1. Pay attention to your inner self.

Your inner voice is usually from your spirit guides or higher self, and it’s worth listening to in either case! The gentle prodding to follow your passion or move out of a bad job is most likely an attempt to get you back on track, to lead you down the route you were meant to take in life. Your higher self and spirit guides know exactly what you’re supposed to be doing in this body at this time, and they’ll never steer you wrong. Journaling and meditation, for example, are effective energy medicine strategies for releasing emotions and quieting the mind, allowing your knowledgeable inner voice to speak up.

  1. Create a mental image.

Close your eyes and visualize yourself achieving your goals, as the sixth chakra is all about vision. Imagine yourself in your ideal job, in your ideal situation. How does that manifest itself in your life? In a year, five years, or ten years, where do you see yourself? Play through the scenarios in your mind’s internal screen. Visualizations assist you in clarifying your objectives and instilling confidence in your ability to achieve them. Visualizations can also help you improve your intuition. As you enhance the vibrations of your sixth chakra, don’t be astonished if you develop a sixth sense like telepathy or clairvoyance.

  1. Keep an open mind.

Being aware of and open to a variety of options and outcomes can lead to chances you would not have imagined consciously, but that your spirit already knew about. Don’t be afraid to take a chance if it seems right. Yes, your soul has a plan, but it may not be the same as your current one, and if your expectations are too narrow, you may lose out on something incredible. Developing your third eye chakra and intuition, as well as pursuing your real life path, requires allowing yourself to see the wider picture.