Another successful THB® Workshop in Dubai!
UpchangingLives LLC Academy proudly presents new Breathworking Practitioners after accomplishing “Transformational Holistic Breathing® Level 1” a holistic approach that treats the human being in totality “MIND-BODY-SPIRIT & ENERGY” with Dr David Abou Khalil.

What Is a Breathwork Practitioner?

Becoming a Breathwork Practitioner is a way to establish yourself as a professional and take your breathwork career to the next level.
After 2 full days of practice, passing the required exam, training and mentorship your accredited certificate allows you to be ready to start UpchangingLives !

The Transformational Holistic breathing program is not like any other breathworking technique, it is the most complete approach that implements a meticulous diagnosis and treatment methodology allowing the practitioner to diagnose and treat the  trauma/ emotional, somatic, spiritual , and energy body of the client to assure long lasting transformation.