We hear a lot about Chakras. They are the energy wheels that reflect our physical, emotional & psychological health & indicate how many suppressed negative emotions remain within us disrupting the flow of vital energy or prana in our body.
The journey towards spiritual oneness and ascension is an internal quest, a passage through these heavenly realms.
These chakras are known as the seven heavens in ancient texts,
Imam Ali says: “You claim that you are nothing but a tiny entity Yet wrapped up inside of you is the greatest universe”.
So, the seven heavens reside within us, & man’s journey is an internal one rather than external; that’ s why man must pass through these seven heavens (chakras) in order to achieve spiritual oneness and ascension. Each and every chakra represents a specific heaven, In what way?
For example, the root chakra reflects the necessity to let go of all financial & materialistic attachments, if so, I can then rise to the sacral chakra or second heaven, therefore If I can get rid of lust, and sexual cravings (that lack true love),
I’ll be able to rise to the third heaven which is the Solar plexus chakra.
When I am able to let go of my unhealthy ego, I will be able to rise to the heart center (fourth chakra).
Noting that the First, Second, & Third Heavens (chakras) are all related to the Third Dimension of our universe or physical reality, but when we reach the fourth heaven, represented by the heart chakra, we reach the center of consciousness (the dimension of universal LOVE), that allows us to rise from the third to the fifth dimension. In this heavenly dimension, I discover the TRUTH that has been poured into my heart, allowing me to rise to the fifth heaven, the throat chakra, where I can express this truth that has been entrusted to me, which is the reason for my existence in the third dimension, to speak up the wisdom and truth that I discovered within my heart, in order to rise therefore to the sixth heaven : the third eye chakra, allowing me to know the path I must walk in this third dimension, to complete my mission, and finally to rise to the seventh heaven that reflects the spiritual union and ascension which can purify me from everything that is strange to my essence, since I am a spirit in the experience of the body, in this heaven I can find my spiritual essence & my ultimate spiritual oneness allowing me to discover GOD within!