Yes…it requires a lot of courage to confront oneself.


Our false self is always fearful, anxious, and irritable, when we are acting from its perspective we feel weak, in need of external validation knowing that we are imprisoned within it and acting out from a place of insecurities and inadequacy.

We become aware when we start searching for solutions.

First, we must understand how the false self was formed.

As children, we were much attuned to our parent’s feelings, and approvals, we needed their help and reassurance, in some cases our parents couldn’t respond sufficiently to our utmost needs and desires maybe because they were busy, depressed or maybe trying to control us without understanding our truest essence.

All the above will lead to the birth of the false self, as children we became more compliant and we tried hard to adjust our behavior to satisfy our parents and to be confirmed with the environment for self-protection and to avoid further inadequacy.

Grown-ups with active false selves are prone to depression, anxiety because they feel deep down unsatisfied. The lack of connection of their true self makes them less authentic and keeps them from behaving according to their creative nature and spontaneity, emptiness is the result.

On the other hand, the most important adventure of our lives is to discover who we really are, it is the root of happiness and fulfillment and the cornerstone of everything we do in life, and in order to do so we need to get rid of our false and unauthentic self and to shed the layers that don’t reflect who we really are, yet it also requires an audacious will to fulfill our true destiny.

In order to do so, we need to dig deeper inside ourselves and tune out the social noise that is trying all the time to tell us how we should exist. In addition to that, we need to find what we love and do it from all our might and power.

Through these simple two steps we can find again our authentic self and adhere to our uniqueness. We shouldn’t be afraid to uncover our true selves in an artificial world driven to conformity.

By doing so we will become a holy lantern in a world full of darkness!