Heartbreak is a universal experience. There isn’t a single person on this earth who hasn’t suffered some form of loss. The sorrow of losing love, or never having love in the first place, can literally destroy your heart, whether via rejection, betrayal, desertion, or death.

A damaged heart has ramifications that go beyond sadness. Your heart emotionally shuts down and hinders your ability to give or accept love, affecting your ability to love yourself as well as all of your relationships. Your heart chakra closes energetically, obstructing the passage of sustaining energy from the unified field. You can acquire physical problems like lung cancer or even a heart attack if the energetic barriers aren’t cleansed.

The Key to Recovery

Chakras are the key to your emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical wellness in energy healing. Chakras, in general, provide access to all of the knowledge you need to live a healthy, happy, and fulfilled life, but they can become dysfunctional as a result of unprocessed trauma or suppressed emotion. When a chakra gets distorted or imbalanced, the parts of your life that it governs become twisted or imbalanced, causing chaos in your life.

Circulatory difficulties, lung illnesses, breast cancer, and heart attacks can all be caused by dysfunction in your heart chakra, which corresponds to your thymus, ribs, back, lungs, and, of course, your heart. Depression, a lack of empathy, and an inability to offer and accept love are all symptoms of a heart chakra imbalance. “Do I give and receive love effortlessly and without fear?” is one of the most important questions to ask yourself while measuring the health of your heart chakra. If the answer is no, it’s possible that your heart hasn’t totally recovered from a previous break.

Heartbreak’s Most Common Reaction

Consider what kind of loss or lack of love you’ve encountered in the past. Heartbreak can be caused by the death of a loved one or the end of a relationship, a hateful rather than loving parent, the rejection of a first love, an unfaithful partner, and a variety of other situations in which love is revoked or betrayed, and the most common response to the crushing ache of heartbreak is to shut down the heart’s ability to feel.

The difficulty is that when you close your heart against negative emotions, you simultaneously shut out positive emotions. There is, however, always hope! There is no time limit on releasing bottled up emotions from any kind of trauma with energy medicine, and it’s never too late to start working with a spiritual teacher or energy healer to clear and balance your heart chakra. You can experience love in your life and form good relationships if your heart chakra is charged and balanced.

Unscathed, unhurt, and unbeaten

The heart chakra is known as anahata in Sanskrit, which means “unhurt, unstruck, or undefeated.” Your heart can be mended and “unhurt” no matter what happened to shatter it.

Here are a few options for getting started:

  1. Allow yourself to grieve and then let go.

Grief is a heavy burden that hangs on your heart, weighing you down and closing your heart chakra. To get past your sadness and feel the love that awaits you beyond it, you must open your heart chakra and feel the anguish of your grief, even if it hurts. Cry, write in a notebook, talk to someone you trust, shout if necessary, but get your grief out and let it go.

  1. Have a pet that you adore.

One of the easiest methods to start opening a closed heart chakra is to bask in a pet’s unconditional affection. Dogs, cats, horses, and even birds have fully enlarged hearts that need to love and be loved, and they aren’t afraid to ask for attention and love when they need it. Pets demonstrate how simple, modest acts of love, such as a pat on the back or a hug, may provide delight. Spending time with these animal love beacons can help you reclaim your faith in love.

  1. Treat yourself with more kindness.

Heartbreak can rob you of your self-esteem, preventing you from seeing how lovable and deserving of love you truly are. Learning to love yourself is an important part of the process of healing your heart, since it not only makes you happier on the inside but also improves your relationships with others. Make a list of the characteristics you admire in yourself. What do you take pride in? What distinguishes you from others? Every day, do something nice for yourself until you truly believe you are deserving of that love, which you are.