The seven major chakras are linked to your growth on this planet — and to being one with your natural habitat. They’re linked to higher guidance as well, but not as strongly as the chakras above your head.

Starting with chakras 8 through 12, the higher chakras significantly increase your potential to integrate with your Higher Self and the universe…

You can access greater levels of consciousness from these higher places of energy.

You begin to move your gaze upward and outward, maintaining rooted in your physical self and physical environment while moving toward the ever-expanding vistas and possibilities that are open to you…

Keep in mind that your spirit is far greater than your physical body. Your energy body reaches far above, below, and around you. Furthermore, you have more than 12 chakras above, below, and all around you.

Each of your ascending higher chakras unlocks a new portal into Source’s vast domain, with each chakra unlocking a new level of knowledge, growth, and expansion for you.

The spiritual energy that is produced when you reach these higher levels vibrates throughout your entire chakra system (above and below), assisting you in accessing and embodying your Soul’s destiny for you.

The eighth chakra is located around two feet above the crown chakra. It protects your physical, emotional, and spiritual body by acting as the epicenter of the entire chakra system.

It also serves as the source of Divine energy that fills your energy system, which you can consciously take whenever you wish to feel refreshed, replenished, and reconnect with your Soul.

Using the wisdom of your eighth chakra to inspire creative expansion and empower you to draw on information outside of your “thinking” mind is a powerful experience.

You may connect with your higher guidance and access symbols, colors, and sounds — messages from your Soul — through your eighth chakra, which can help you find answers to your most urgent questions.