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Sometimes we think that we need magical solutions and complicated treatments to cure our huge problems. Suddenly someone tells us: the solution is in the right breathing.

But I’m already breathing!

How can this heal me?

The breath we are all breathing is unconscious, related to our instinctive brain, which is responsible for survival, danger protection and automatic response for non changing habits. When you start breathing consciously and repeatedly, you are shifting from the instinctive brain to the logical brain because you start thinking how to breathe right.

This will help you to release the negative emotions and move the unconscious to the conscious.

That is HEALING!!

When you breathe in a consecutive way, you transform your body from acid to alkaline.

Negative emotions and traumas live in an acidic place. When the body becomes alkaline, the negative emotions will be released from the body, from the unconscious mind and from the nervous system.

Yes, breathing is the solution! But only the conscious connected breathing!