let’s meditate

Brilliant things happen in calm minds. Be calm. You’re brilliant.

Meditation is the most crucial practice that leads to self-discovery, and what is more important in this dimension than to know the deepest core of our existence, to dig deeper into our true selves which allows us to understand our essence and mission during this lifetime.

Meditation in summary is a mental exercise that involves :

  • Relaxation.
  • Focus.
  • Awareness.

All these 3 elements are the pillars that help us recondition our noisy minds and restore our physical and psychological health.

Nowadays with the extremely hectic work, schedule, and obligations that all of us are suffering from it is a necessity to practice meditation.

The Benefits of Meditation :

  • Brain rewiring to a more calming and proactive state than an impulsive and reactive one.
  • Anti Aging and anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Emotional healing, self-knowledge, self-discipline, and letting go.
  • Connecting with God, inner peace.
  • And much more…

Meditation practice is easy and does not need any preliminary studies or special preparations, it is suitable for all ages and backed up with hundreds of studies that proved its efficiency and importance on our general health.

Before meditation :

  • Relax your body and breath, to calm and center yourself; Gladden the mind with gratitude or other positive feelings; Have strong intentions in your mind

Here are some general guidelines on the practice:

  • Posture: you can meditate seated on a cushion or on a chair. The essential thing about posture is that the spine is absolutely erect, from the lower back to the neck, and ideally not leaning on anything.
  • Time: the best time to meditate is first thing in the morning, so you don’t skip it, and the impact on your day is stronger—but any time that works for you is fine!
  • Place: a spot where you can sit uninterrupted. Ideally, a place that is quiet, clean, and tidy, in order to create a better influence on the mind.
  • Length: you can start with as little as 5 minutes, and increase by 1 or 2 minutes per week until you arrive at 20 min sessions and beyond.

During meditation:

  • Don’t feel bad about getting distracted
  • Find delight in the moments of concentration

After meditation:

  • Move out of meditation gently
  • Take notes in your journal

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