May is the Mental Health Awareness Month that allows us to raise awareness of those struggling with mental health issues to reduce as well the stigma they may experience.

It’s a very special month that allows us to promote mental health in general and to send a clear message to all who suffer in silence: “you are not alone”.

Because it’s okay not to be okay our message here is focalized to offer appropriate support to anyone affected by my mental illness so they don’t feel alone with their struggle.

On the other hand and as they say: ’’NO HEALTH WITHOUT MENTAL HEALTH!’’ left untreated, mental illness can create physical illness and widespread disability. From depression to bipolar disorders to anxiety, schizophrenia, dementia, and mood disorders, suicide rates rise when these conditions to name a few are neglected.

Mental health is very important because it affects everything in our life. It affects our ability to be happy and productive. And it affects as well our capacity to adapt when facing life crises and to solve problems as well.

Physical pain usually leaves few echoes and can fade away within days or months but emotional pain usually stays forever, thus the importance of spreading awareness about it and researching different techniques to calm the mind, heal the psyche, and energize the body. We are UPCHANGINGLIVES!