Ascension Course (العُرُوج)

600,00 $

المواضيع الرئيسية:

١- تركيب الإيجو (الأنا) وكثافتها

٢- الفرق بين سلم الوعي وصعوده

٣- زوايا الرؤية الأربعة للوعي وخطوط تطور الوعي

٤-نماذج التطور البشري، والارتفاعات، والخرائط الخفيَّة للوعي

٥- الأصول ال ٦ لتطور الوعي

٦- دراسة مفصلة لل٨ مستويات من (تركيبات الوعي) تبعاً لما قدمه (كين ويلبر) و(دون بيك)

٧- المراحل ال٦ لعملية تطور الوعي

٨- إرشادات السلامة لرحلتك في عُرُوج سلم الوعي (الحلزوني)

٩- كيف تستخدم تكنيك الE-Prime لإعادة برمجة رؤيتك للواقع

١٠- نموذج الدوائر ال٨ للعقل (نقلاً عن تيموثي ليري وروبرت ويلسون)

١١- مراجعة لخريطة هوكينز ل مراحل الوعي

١٢- العبور من بوابة علم الكوانتم (الفيزياء الكميَّة) إلى عالم الأكوان المتعددة (into the multiverse)





Ascension Online Workshop


Main Topics:


1- Ego complexity Vs Density

2- The Ladder and the Climb

3- Quadrants and Lines of Consciousness

4- Human Development Models, Altitudes & Hidden Maps of Consciousness

5- The 6 Tenets of Consciousness Evolution

6- Detailed study of the 8 levels of Structures of Consciousness based on Ken Wilber and Don Beck’s work

7- The 6 Steps of the Process of Consciousness Evolution

8- Safety Guidelines for your journey climbing the Spiral of Consciousness

9- How to use E-prime to reprogram your view of reality

10- Timothy Leary and Robert Wilson’s 8 Circuit Model

11- Overview of David Hawkin’s Map of Consciousness

12- Through the Quantum Realm and into The Multiverse


Mohamed Refaat 

Mohamed Refaat is an Integral Consciousness, Leadership & Mindset Speaker, Trainer, and Coach.

In his pursuit of self-mastery and evolution, Mohamed began directing his focus to the field of Consciousness and Awakening, at which point he began his studies of the Enneagram, Consciousness studies, and Integral Metatheory. He is now a Certified Enneagram Practitioner, a Certified Integral Enneagram Practitioner and a Certified Reiki Practitioner.

He is a self-proclaimed Philosopher and avid student of Consciousness, Spirituality, and other various Occult and Esoteric disciplines.

 Mohamed began his career as a Pharmacist working over a span of 15 years in 4 different countries, for 3 different major multinational corporations, where he had roles as a pharmaceutical medical representative, coach, field-trainer, project manager, business intelligence manager, training manager, and other leadership roles.

He has been a member of the John Maxwell Team since 2018 and is a Certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach with the JMT. He is also an Associate Certified ICF-Coach and a Certified DISC Personality-model Practitioner.

Mohamed is the creator and author of the Quantum Consciousness course, the first course of its kind in the region to combine a deep review of Quantum Physics with various maps of consciousness and Integral Theory.

And he had the privilege of participating the IEA Egypt conference 2022 with his presentation on (A Quantum Understanding of Essences and Childhood Wounds).

He recently founded Integral Minds for Training and Development along with his latest two flagship programs on Consciousness and the Spiritual path; Ascension-Climbing the spiral of consciousness, and Elevation-Preparing for the spiritual path.