The AGLA Auric Shield®

490,00 $

Stands as a remarkable and prominent tool within the vast array  of Quantic Bioenergy Solutions® created by Dr. David Abou Khalil.

This extraordinary pendant showcases meticulously crafted architecture encompassing twenty-two sacred geometry designs, each integrated within a single energy amplifier. Furthermore, it possesses the powerful resonance of three master numbers,

11, 22, and 33, embellished with specially charged and consecrated onyx stones. Through its unique composition, the Agla auric shield pendant possesses the remarkable ability to condense and enhance the aura of its wearer. By wearing this pendant, an individual’s chakras and energy field are effortlessly awakened and expanded, allowing for the heightened frequency of the biofield.

The pendant operates on the principle of the “3 P’s”:

Power, Protection, and Prosperity, bestowing its wearer with an array of incredible benefits.

The AGLA Auric shield® works also as a manifester it can be charged with your intentions in order to amplify & attract them from the fifth dimension into your physical reality.

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