Trauma Liberation: A Comprehensive Trauma Transformation

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Embark on a transformative journey of healing and resilience with Dr. David Abou Khalil in our live course, ‘Trauma Liberation: A Comprehensive Trauma Transformation.’

Dive into 5 powerful therapeutic methods designed to holistically address and liberate trauma:
  1. Transformational Holistic Breathing Therapy: Experience the potency of conscious connected breathing tailored to your unique needs. This method, with meticulous diagnosis, releases emotional and physical trauma, guiding you towards a harmonious breath rhythm.
  2. Trauma Release Therapy: Liberate your nervous system by targeting specific muscle groups associated with sympathetic system activation. This therapy empowers you to process trauma at its core.
  3. Energy Medicine: Harness the healing power of energy to balance your energy field, relieve pain, and boost your immune system. Discover the profound impact of Energy Medicine in your trauma recovery journey.
  4. Brain Rewiring Therapy: Uncover a technique that untangles emotions linked to traumatic events, freeing your subconscious mind and nervous system from the burdens of the past.
  5. Trauma Acupressure and Tapping: Learn to identify and address emotional points correlated with different traumas and emotions. By releasing these points, you’ll liberate stuck trauma memories within the body.
Join us for 4 full days over 2 weekends and 4 online sessions once per week across 1 month. Let’s embark on a holistic path towards trauma liberation!

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