What’s your name? Take a few moments to consider who you are. Not what you do or your profession, not who you are in relation to others in your life, not who your boss, father, or partner believes you are, but who YOU are deep down inside; the true you, the real you. You are the “you” that you came to this earth to be. Are you familiar with that version of yourself? How frequently do you let the real you show up in public?

Dishonesty’s Shades

So many people live lives that are tinged with deception. I can’t tell you how many people come to me at healing courses and workshops confident that they are living their genuine self, but when I delve a little more, they generally reveal what I can sense in their energy field: they are hiding a portion of themselves. This repression almost usually results in blockages in their fifth chakra, which is the source of all expression.

Authenticity and the Fifth Chakra

The fifth chakra, sometimes known as the throat chakra, governs communication, and when it is distorted, it might be difficult to express oneself. This creates a vicious cycle: if you don’t express your emotions, they become imprisoned and form obstructions in your throat chakra, making it more difficult to speak and live your truth, further compromising your energy field and health. This pattern can be broken with energy healing, which allows you to release obstacles, express your emotions, and live more truthfully.

Many students, especially those of us who grew raised in a home of secrets, have difficulty with the throat chakra. Because of the horrible violence that takes place behind the façade of any ideal family, throat chakras can be blocked for years. Any attempts to be your actual self would quickly get destroyed because you were told who you should be and how you should feel. You will learn to suppress your emotions and lie like a pro. You wouldn’t know what your reality is until you discover energy medicine and began the process of clearing youre chakras through meditation and journaling. I had no idea who I truly was. Energy healing assisted me in discovering my true self and teaching me how to show that self to the rest of the world.

Have You Suppressed Your True Self?

Were you ever instructed to “keep your mouth shut” or “don’t air the family laundry” as a child because you couldn’t communicate your actual feelings? Were you able to express your opinions and feelings without fear of being judged or ridiculed? Was there a family secret that no one ever told you about? Any event in which you were compelled to repress your ideas or feelings out of fear or guilt can lead to a life of suppressed sentiments and thoughts. The tension between your internal self and your external self leads to a life of basic sadness, if not outright depression, which obscures your inner self even more.

It’s not too late, though! You may start cleansing your fifth chakra and finding your true self right now with energy healing. Working directly with a spiritual teacher or energy healer is the ideal way to get started, but here are some things you can do in the meantime to help repair your fifth chakra and regain your authenticity:

  1. Stop lying to yourself, especially.

Living a lie-filled life might drive you insane and hinder you from being genuine. Obviously, you can’t always say precisely what’s on your mind—no there’s reason to tell your boss you don’t like her hairdo, for example—but falsehoods are the most significant impediment to living truthfully, and even little deceptions can produce negative energy pockets in your field. Small lies lead to greater ones, and before you know it, you’re on your way to a dysfunctional fifth chakra.

Lying to yourself is a particularly difficult habit to break. Justifications or rationales are important since it is these types of deceptive lies that cause the most harm, convincing you that they are for your own good. However, lying about who you are is never in your best interests, and asserting yourself in a delicate manner is an important aspect of being the true you in the world. How can you spread light if you refuse to let your own shine?

  1. Find out who you really are.

Authenticity comes from being in tune with your inner self, therefore you must first figure out who that deeper you is. What are your core beliefs and values? What are your assets and flaws, your bright and dark sides? What are your genuine longings and ambitions for the future? You can obtain advice in these areas by expanding your consciousness and connecting with your higher self through energy healing and meditation. Being compassionate and patient while discovering your genuine self is a process, so trust that you’re making progress.

  1. Think about your options.

When you spend your life according to someone else’s ideas, you’re on a path that wasn’t designed for you. How can you live truly if you’re following in someone else’s footsteps? Once you’ve figured out who you really are, you can assess if your decisions are in keeping with your spirit’s goal.

Examine your life to see if there are any aspects that don’t feel right—that don’t resonate with you on a fundamental level. Is your career a choice you made to please your parents or partner, or one you made to please yourself? Did you secretly dislike giving up a profession you enjoyed to care for children or an aging parent? Are you unable to admit the truth about your violent relationship? What decisions have you made for yourself out of fear rather than love?

It takes practice to be real on a daily basis. Check in with yourself and your higher self, and pay attention to the knowledgeable voice that sits in your fifth chakra and provides reliable advise.