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What is the purpose of our life? That life of absurdity, issues and negativity.
To be able to answer this question, everyone has to look within himself and search for the flow of creation, which is different in  everybody and related to love.
Creation is love. If we do small gestures with love, positive effects will result.

Daily gestures can be done with love, like drawing a smile on people’s face, speaking nice words, making kind small services.

You can find blow small gestures you can do with love for a happier fulfilling life:
Smile and spread positivity.
Ask people how you can help them.
Be proactive.
Teach skills to other people.
Comfort upset or grieving people.
Be a nonjudgmental listener.
Give compliments and offer encouragement.
Do a chore for someone else.
Send a thoughtful note.
Say “thank you” and express appreciation.
Volunteer for local organizations.
Donate to important causes.


If you do any of this with LOVE, we would get back to the essential energy flow from which we were created. Then we discover the happiness found in our mission.