Alchemy is the exact opposite of what the uninitiated might think or expect. The gold you’re looking for isn’t material. Instead, it’s found within us, a sparkling gold spark that holds the divine essence of creation. According to my experience the greatest alchemical chez d’oeuvre is yourself, when you dig deeper into the deep layers of your psyche, when you confront your pain and imperfections and accept them, when you bring your shadow into the light of your consciousness, when you transcend your old self and embrace your prima materia you will become a whole and by becoming a whole you will combine the upper and lower, the inner and outer, and this is the primary target of all alchemical sciences.


The great alchemical secret is to know that :


Thoughts and emotions can create your reality.

Your life is electromagnetic by its nature.

Each and every living creature has an electromagnetic field called a biofield.

The art of manifestation is to focus on positive thoughts while having associated positive emotions.

Your thoughts have an electrical energy and your emotions have a magnetic one.

When you combine them together you create your electromagnetic reality.

This is the great alchemical reaction!

So watch them carefully and become the creator of your life.


Repeat after me:

I am the master of my fate,

I am the captain of my soul.