The Anti – P*rn association “T.A.P.A” 

The Anti – P*rn association “T.A.P.A” is an NGO founded in Lebanon in 2015 as a result of the tremendous need of the youth and adults who were suffering from p*rnography materials addiction and its repercussions on their personal, social, emotional, psychological and marital life.

Dr David Abou Khalil noticed during his clinical practice an increase in the number of clients from different age range who are suffering from p*rn addiction which led him to develop a successful unique approach to help them in their healing journey.

After him treating hundreds of stubborn cases, and after hundreds of success stories Dr David decided to focus on the preventive approach aiming to increase the social awareness about the dangers of p*rnography addiction on the victims brain and the whole society in general, therefore he decided to create T.A.P.A for this concern and he was surprised that it was at the time the only NGO in the world that was specialized in preventing and treating p*rnography addiction.

T.A.P.A’s mission was to promote P*rn awareness and how p*rnography leads to physical damage including erectile dysfunction as well as psychological damage like failed intimate relationships and marital life, leading many couples to experience divorce.

Moreover, the danger of p*rnography addiction is very serious because in the last stage of addiction, the addict experiences a manifestation of rape, s*xual crime, or child abuse by implementing forceful s*x on male or female (or both) due to uncontrollably imitating the images observed in P*rn videos or pictures over time that were stored in his/her subconscious mind.

After 3 years of operation, and after organizing many awareness workshops and seminars shedding the light on the dark side of p*rn industry Dr David noticed that a multitude of his client were presented with many types of addictions aside from p*rnography like alcohol addiction, drugs addiction and many more… Thus the entangling flame that pushes him to explore and treat the addictive personality holistically using many integrative approaches to therapy which turn out to be a major success.

Dr David then expand the activity of T.A.P.A into treating all types of addiction, researching and developing tools and techniques that can heal the addictive brain starting from his creation of the THB®️ (Transformational Holistic Breathing) and combining with it different maneuvers of brain rewiring techniques, old self neutralization techniques, new self implementation techniques, acupuncture and oriental therapy to conquer addiction and many more.

What is addiction?

Addiction is a disorder characterized by a compulsive desire to continue taking a drug or continue a harmful behavior, such as watching p*rnography materials and masturbating, gambling…, despite harmful consequences.


What causes addiction?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, people abuse substances for various reasons, such as:

  • To feel good: getting high or intoxicated
  • To feel better: for stress relief, to forget problems, or to feel numb
  • To do better: for improved performance or thinking
  • Curiosity, peer pressure, or experimentation


How addiction generally works?

The reward system:

Addiction disrupts regular brain activity, especially in the reward system.

This reward system releases dopamine along with other chemicals whenever you do something you find delightful, whether it be spending time with your best friend, chugging a bottle of wine, or doing cocaine.

Dopamine doesn’t seem to genuinely produce emotions of pleasure or euphoria, in contrast to popular assumption. Instead, it tends to strengthen your brain’s connection between particular stimuli and pleasurable emotions, encouraging you to seek out similar stimuli once more in the future.

Cravings and tolerance

Cravings for the substance or activity can be sparked by the want to relive this exhilaration, especially when you come across the same triggers (like a party where people are drinking, for example). These desires are sometimes the initial indication of addiction.

Your brain continues to manufacture more dopamine as long as you use a substance or continue an activity. When enough dopamine is present in your brain already, it eventually realizes this and begins to produce less in response to common stimuli.

The reward system in your brain still requires the same quantity of dopamine to work properly, which is the only issue.

Disinterest in other activities

Losing interest in hobbies and other past interests is a common symptom of addiction.

This occurs when natural stimuli like having s*x or creating art no longer lead your brain to produce as much dopamine.

You can believe that you still require a substance or a habit even when you desire to stop using them in order to feel good about anything.

Loss of control

Addiction typically implies losing control over certain behaviors or substance use. Among other things, this might lead to a loss of employment, health problems, or relationship problems.

P*rnography addiction.

It is the addiction on viewing and watching of P*rnographic images and movies, in terms of pictures and/or P*rnographic scenes of all sources.

It is the absence of emotional attachment and the presence of emotional emptiness thus the numbing of one or both of these feelings through viewing and watching of P*rnographic images and movies.

It is indeed an addiction on the hormone Dopamine, thus this addiction happens when the addict attains sexual pleasure from watching P*rnography rather than from being active with partner an intimate relationship , or initiating an intimate relationship with potential partner; P*rnography addiction resembles other addictions like that of Drugs or Alcohol, but P*rnography addiction releases pleasure in the brain that lasts much longer than that of drugs or alcohol leading the addiction to be a serious potential hazard to a normal relationship with a partner. Eventually, the watching and viewing of P*rnographic images and videos leads to a failed intimate relationship with partner and a failed marriage, and also the evident result of watching P*rnography is a lack of interest or desire to experience a sexual relationship with the partner since the addict receives enough s*xual pleasure from watching P*rnographic images and videos leading the neurotransmitter Dopamine that stimulates the reward system in the brain releasing a pleasure feeling. The addict no longer requires an intimate partner to experience sexual pleasure. This is why P*rn addiction is indeed firstly an addiction to the reactions of the brain.

After 30 years of research, Professor Brian from Duke University confirmed the lack of presence of any positive aspect for the viewing and watching of P*rnography, confirming that most research shows P*rnography negatively affecting relationships.


Signs of P*rnography Addiction :

When the viewing and watching of P*rnography reflects importance, significance, and time from the person, reaching up to 6 – 10 hours a week.

When the person is unable to stop watching P*rn, and prefers to be alone in an isolated place in order to be able to watch in an escalating manner jumping from one scene to another , and choosing over time more intense and hardcore scenes that create higher stimulation in the brain because the regular scenes after a while will no longer create enough stimulation of pleasure in the brain.

When the person can easily let go of life intimate sexual relationship with the beloved or potential partner for the sake of attaining sexual gratification from watching P*rnographic images or videos.

When the person watches P*rnographic images and videos in order to escape, avoid, or numb evident feelings and emotions of emptiness or sadness found within as well as to replace or deny repressed negative emotions from childhood or those piling up from the stresses of daily life by watching and viewing P*rnographic images and videos.


Reasons for P*rn Addiction

It is caused by many reasons that could be biological, psychological, social, psychosocial, or spiritual, or even so all together. Trained specialists, licensed clinical hypnotherapists, and registered clinical psychologists can identify all together the contributing factors the addiction occurred.

Biological Reasons

It is related to chemical association in the brain, for it is related to the nature of pleasure attained from watching P*rnography in the brain.

The nature of the human being is to repeat behaviors or habits that give pleasure like eating delicious food, drinking something tasty, or enjoying a s*xual relationship, these significant reactions in the receptors of the brain that release hormones related directly to experiencing pleasure, the same brain related responses happen after a person visualizes P*rnographic images or videos leading one to gradually become addicted to experiencing pleasure repeatedly from watching P*rnography, leading one to reach the phase of P*rn Addiction. This is the case in many diverse addictions that are actually the addiction of the Brain to the neurotransmitter responses and release of pleasure during the addiction. These brain related responses of the neurotransmitter Dopamine as well as brain reactions to P*rnographic images and videos may possibly vary from one person to another in terms of intensity yet it is vital promote awareness that it was found the brain of a teenager enters the phase of addiction and is prone to addiction three times more than the brain of an adult.

Psychological Reasons

It is related to feelings and emotions of emptiness, disturbing loneliness or loneliness, or difficult pressures and stresses of daily life or even traumas of the past or present, for these are major reasons for a person to seek to watch P*rnographic images or videos repeatedly in order to escape from the problems of their life or/and their emotional turmoil or/and even so their emotional emptiness, or all those together with their repressed feelings.

The numbing of all the above negative feelings and repressed emotions is attained through watching P*rnography repeatedly in order to run away from the disturbing sensation of pain which leads to a negative cycle of escaping any potential pain in reality afterwards by viewing and watching P*rnographic images and movies that cause a pleasure response in the brain that switches the addict’s shallow sensation from pain to pleasure.

Sociological and Psychosocial Reasons

In the peaks of the epidemic of P*rnography and the feasibility of watching or viewing P*rnographic images and videos on all online sites on the internet without any serious action from the government to ban these websites or create more difficult availability in online pop ups, it is clear that this is one of the major reasons for psychological addiction.

In addition, the importance of the family role in explaining to youngsters and teenagers about the importance of valuing their bodies and their minds in terms of intimacy when they grow up is essential since an early age because at that age, youth are inspired by the adults they are close to, like their parents and teachers; when the open discussion of creating values related to sexuality and sexual encounters as well as future s*xual relationships for growing teenagers is negligent therefore indicating that the absence of sexual awareness and education in the family as well as the severity of restrictions on these topics in society in general may possibly lead youngsters to seek P*rnography secretly first because they are uneducated about the true value of their bodies and minds, and second since there is clear evidence for unawareness and lack of education about the topic of sexuality as well as P*rnography, most of the times the taboo in the family as well as in society as a whole as well as parents fear to open such sensitive topics with their children may have even more dangerous implications since an uneducated youth will have no clear understanding of the harm of P*rnography.

Furthermore, Journal studies found that many addicts were exposed to molestation or rape during their early childhood or teenage life meaning the relationship between being molested or raped as a child and the addictive watching and viewing of P*rnographic images and videos is a high correlation; it is also vital to reflect that family, school, university, and nongovernmental organization’s education and awareness of the importance of values that encompass a sexual relationship and intimacy may be neglectful since the discussion itself is a taboo in many families or backgrounds leading youngsters to be void of the understanding of the morality required for sexual relationships and intimacy evolving around valuing their bodies and minds. The likelihood of an uneducated youth about the topic of P*rnography and sexuality can be related to an epidemic of P*rn Addiction.

Spiritual Reasons

The absence of any type of Spirituality, Spiritual faith, or Spiritual practices

in the delicate and personal psycho-spiritual life of the person as well as the fulfillment attained from all the above related to Spirituality regardless of the specific religion of the person may lead teenagers and youngsters to experience a need for fulfillment from elsewhere; the result of negligence in the person’s Spiritual life could indirectly lead them to seek to watch P*rn without experiencing any guilt about it. Journal studies show that Spirituality and Spiritual fulfillment both decrease major brain receptors related to sexual impulsivity since both Spiritual meditation and Spiritual faith have been found to increase the “Kundalini” energy that decreases s*xual impulsivity attained from watching P*rnographic images and videos.

Dangerous Stages that the Person Passes Through Until Reaching the Most Dangerous Stage of Manifestation

  1. Early Exposure:

It usually between age of 10 and 11 years that journal studies suggest the child during the peaks of curiosity about life, the world, and the outside to mistakenly stumble on a P*rnographic images or movies for the first time after either being exposed to it online through online pop-ups, or through advertisement, or on television channels by mistake, or after mistakenly peeking on an adult relative or friend watching p*rn therefore imitating that adult; the brain of the child releases Dopamine and the protein Delta Foss B in an excessive amount that in fact much more than adults that leads to the formation of new neurotransmitters related to pleasure specifying that this kind of addiction gives a pleasure response, leading the child to repeat it whenever feeling empty, alone, or/and bored.

  1. P*rn Addiction:

In this stage, the child or teenager can no longer stop watching, and can secretly watch up to 6 hours a week without being caught by parents or adults. The same scenario happens for an adult who repeatedly watches p*rn to attain pleasure reaching up to 6-10 hours a week, and cannot stop anymore. When people start watching p*rn, there is a huge flood of dopamine in the brain; over time, the receptors that were once very sensitive become less sensitive, and normal physical intimacy does not produce enough dopamine to stimulate the dopamine receptors." In other words, the more p*rn you watch, the more – and harder and more graphic – p*rn you need in order to get it up. If the trend continues, men can find themselves physically unable to maintain an erection, much less enjoy s*xual contact with another person.

Moreover, the lack of interest in normal s*xual relationship with partner or beloved and in the partner due to the long list of demands and comparisons caused from continuously watching P*rn images and videos that were stored in the subconscious mind of the addict leading

to a lack of satisfaction in normal sexual relationship; moreover, the objectification of the partner (viewing partner like an object no more an intimate source) indirectly begin to increase and affect s*xual relationship with a partner.

  1. Escalation:

After a period of time of watching P*rnographic images or movies with the same repeated scenarios does not give the addict anymore pleasure since the dopamine release in the brain is the same level, and now the addict unknowingly requires an increase in dopamine level in order to feel pleasure. The addict then moves to a more severe level of watching P*rnographic images and movies that are hardcore because of the SHOCK EFFECT that these images cause in the Brain leading to higher dopamine release even if these images are the same ones that the conscious mind of the person did not accept before.

  1. Desensitization:

In this part of P*rnographic addiction, the person experiences a lack of sensation, feeling, or emotion related to normal sexual experience with partner or potential partner in life as well as a lack of desire for normal images related to real natural intimate sexual relationship between couples.

  1. Manifestation:

The brain neurotransmitters are out of control along the changes in the brain that give the person psychological control on their s*xual impulsivity. The addict’s brain here is out of control after prolonged visualization of images that are stored in the subconscious mind; the addict requires at this stage to mimic the scenarios from watching P*rnographic images and videos that were stored within the subconscious mind in order to attain s*xual gratification, a phase known as manifestation. The addict may commit rape or molestation with male or female or both genders to stimulate the brain reward system that has gotten used to hardcore images overtime, that now requires to manifest the hardcore images in order to experience pleasure; to reach s*xual gratification, the addict mimics the s*xual images stored in the subconscious mind from watching hardcore P*rnographic images and videos. Journal studies reveal that addicts may possibly develop a change in orientation switching to even bisexual, transs*xual or gay tendencies that previously did not exist in the person due to the subconscious mind storing the images of opposite s*x during the peaks of the Pleasure response in the brain accompanied by the Shock Effect from hardcore P*rn; Manifestation happens when uncontrollably mimicking these s*xual scenarios stored in the subconscious mind from watching P*rn over an extended period of time with a visible change in sexual orientation.

Here the person begins to accept manifesting and implementing hardcore s*x from anything that was observed in the Shock Effect P*rn stage including incest p*rn, child p*rn, extended orgies, aggressive gay and anal s*x, aggressive transsexual and bisexual s*x, and many more.


Effect of P*rnography on the Brain

  1. The addiction to P*rnography resembles that of Cocaine, but P*rnography addiction is even worse since the pleasure feeling/sensation is longer in the brain than the addict who takes or undergoes drugs (EDGING PROCESS), because drugs cause a feeling of (DOWN/LOW MOOD) after the high ends, but watching and viewing of P*rnography does not cause the “down or low mood” after the high, meaning the addiction is even more pleasurable since it is related to Pleasure feelings only.
  2. The effect on the brain is caused even from the very first time of watching and viewing P*rnography as the hormone Dopamine is released in the reward system of the brain after watching, also leading to the release of the hormone Delta Foss B , that causes Nicotine to create new nerve meridians in the Brain related to addiction, which leads to the repetition of watching P*rnography; after a while, real s*xual relationship no longer gives the addict a true sensation of Pleasure or a pleasurable sensation (a stage better known as Craving and Desensitization). Studies have shown that the brain experiences major changes in the Frontal Lobe Shrinking for the addict similar to the brain of drug addicts.


Dangers of P*rn Addiction

  1. The change of how the P*rn Addict perceives the intimate partner who unconsciously becomes similarly viewed to the P*rn stars like an object or material for certain use (Objectivation)
  2. The P*rn addict views oneself from a shallow perspective ( Self Objectivation) leading to a drop in self-esteem and lack of self-worth as an inner being.
  3. A total destruction of what a natural intimate relationship should resemble between a lovable couple due to being exposed to harsh s*xual images that lack true source of intimacy that are stored in the subconscious mind indirectly affecting the addict without even being aware of the damage happening.
  4. The elimination and destruction of the true understanding of a relationship between couple happens over-time as the brain becomes exposed to high degree of harsh s*xual images replacing all forms of intimacy in the subconscious mind of the brain.
  5. Due to continuous masturbation to P*rnography, this results in Erectile Dysfunction and premature ejaculation causing the P*rn Addict after a while to be unable to have real sexual intimate relationship with Partner.
  6. The lack of interest in real intimacy also leads the addict to not have an urge or feeling to practice with intimate partner, and to receive sexual pleasure instead from P*rnography only.
  7. Addict makes up excuses for watching P*rnography and may often lie to the self in order to excuse watching or viewing P*rn rather than initiating a real intimate relationship or to form real intimacy with potential partner, leading the cycle of addiction to increase as P*rn becomes an excuse to deny the exploration and experiencing of true intimate relationships.
  8. P*rnography studies in international Journals revealed that 56% of divorces in the United States of America are due to the negative effects of P*rnography on marriage and relationships.
  9. More than 70% of Rapists suffer from addiction to P*rnography leading journal researchers to conclude that P*rnography induces manifestation of rape due to the addict “implementing” the harsh s*xual images that are stored over time in the subconscious mind.


Dr David’s holistic approach to addiction therapy.

Dr David created a holistic/integrative approach that can help in curing the addictive brain through different techniques and modalities that can:

  • Desensitize and release the traumatic events experienced by the client and which can lead him/her to numb their negative emotions through addiction or repetitive negative behavior.
  • Release the traumas and negative emotions of clients from their subconscious mind and body as well.
  • Neutralize the old self pattern of the addictive personality of his client.
  • Implement a healthy new self pattern in his client’s psyche.
  • Rewire the brain of his clients to healthy habits and lifestyle.
  • Harmonize the nervous system, emotional system and energy system of his client and increase their resilience to assure long lasting results and to avoid relapses.
  • Creation of a daily routine that can help the client flourish and explore his growth day after day.


The importance of donation:

T.A.P.A is an NGO that needs a financial support in order to realize its mission either the awareness part that shed the light on the negative effects of addiction and its preventive measures or the therapeutic part that focuses on the treatment of hundreds of clients who lack financial resources and suffer at the same time from different types of addiction.

The importance of donation even in small amounts of money can help T.A.P.A to realize its mission and sustain its activities especially that it comprehends many professionals and therapists that share the same vision.

Donations are highly appreciated in order for our organization to keep helping anyone in need.