My friend, you’ve been born a million times. And you’ll continue to be born indefinitely. You come to Earth to gain deeply personal lessons that will aid you on your path to enlightenment each time you visit.

It is totally up to you whether you learn some, all, or none of those teachings. That is your choice.

However, where do those lessons originate? Who is in charge of the curriculum? Yes, you are correct. Your souls plan your lessons and hopes for your life between reincarnations, imbuing them into your Hara line for when you return to Earth for the final time.

Isn’t it, though, that seeing the blueprint might be difficult at times? You don’t have a physical checklist of your lessons to go over. It’s instead infused in your energy field, which isn’t always easy to access.

That’s what I’d like to cover today. Today, I’d want to discuss the Hara line and how to align it so that you can access your life’s purpose.

The Hara line is an unseen energetic line that travels through your body one level below your human energy field. It begins near the base of your spine, about 2 inches from your navel, and ascends with your spine to the top of your head, reaching higher and further into Source.

It’s similar to your chakras, but on a deeper level. In contrast to the chakras, which manage your bodily and spiritual health, this higher level is all about intention and purpose.

When your Hara line is aligned, you have a direct path to Source, allowing you to establish your greater mission – those blueprints that your soul labored so hard on between reincarnations.

So, if you’re feeling lost, unsure of your purpose, or have been asking yourself, “What do I need to do with my life?” you may have a Hara line distortion.

Everyone is here for a reason. There is a reason for everyone’s being here. You can grasp that purpose by realigning your Hara lines. Understanding is a gift that will bring you joy and contentment in the future.