Have you ever considered whether little, continuous headaches are a cost of living in a hyper-stimulated, overstimulated society? Tension headaches were a constant companion for me. I assumed they were commonplace and was startled to learn that others did not experience them on a regular basis.

Tension headaches are more common in women than in men, possibly because they are taught from childhood to suppress our emotions. Society honors us when we manage our careers, families, homes, and communities without missing a beat or becoming exhausted. However, for many of us, feeling so distant between our inner emotional challenges and the external serenity we exhibit to the world can be a burden. We don’t allow our energy to flow freely in our bodies when we hide from the truth, resulting in ill health in the form of tension headaches.

Because our fast-paced lifestyle is not going to alter, here are three things you may do to find respite from the pain:

  • Identify when you have them and how you feel when you do. It will help you treat your headaches if you determine if they are primary headaches (such as migraines) or secondary headaches (induced by other illnesses or triggers).
  • Assess your daily routine and see if stress, food, or sleep patterns are contributing to your tension headaches.
  • Combine alternative medicine practices with any other medical treatments you’re getting. Journaling, more frequent exercise, yoga, meditation, prayer, massage, and chakra balancing through energy healing have all helped our customers with headache relief.