The life force exists inside of us and around us, science proves that everything is made up of energy, everything is vibrating and flowing. We are all made up from the same energy, what we call Qi, Pneuma or Prana. Different energies can affect the human being like electromagnetic energies, electrical energies, emotional energies and spiritual energies. All these nocive energies can interact with our biofield therefore by deteriorating our vibratory field they can affect all aspects in our life from relationships, to financial prosperity to our physical and psychological well-being.
Neutralizing foreign energies and increasing their vibrations is a must to clear and reharmonize our environment, the study of colors, elements, numbers, shapes and directions is very crucial to improve our business, flow of prosperity, energy in our workplace and home, besides love and relationships.
By clearing your environmental energy and increasing energy frequency you will witness growth, love, prosperity expansion and change!

5 Signs of a Negative Energy In your house
1. Feeling Tense or Unable to Relax in your house
2. Feeling Unmotivated or Unfocused
3. Feeling Anxious, Restless, or Overwhelmed
4. Feeling Uninspired, blocked and dull
5. Insomnia and Struggling to Sleep..

Re-harmonising the energies that surround us and interact with us could be the solution for many stubborn financial blockages and health issues, because simply everything is vibration, and by correcting the unauspicious frequency you can create the reality that you want and desire!