This cobalt blue chakra is related with ether or sound and is mostly concerned with communication. It is the portal through which we bring spirit into the physical sphere by employing music and speech to articulate our own unique manifestation of spirit. It is the first of the spiritual chakras. The seat of expression is this chakra.

It’s easy to see how the fifth chakra connects our inner and outer worlds. We create in the second chakra, then express that inner experience to the outside world through the fifth chakra; we also communicate our inner wishes to the outside world to construct our life.

The rhythmic shaking of air molecules is referred to as sound. As we learn more about the fifth chakra’s attributes of communication and sound, we begin to experience the universe through the lens of vibration—the culmination of all of the preceding four chakras’ activities. We feel all of the inner workings and goings on of the preceding four chakras simply as an overall vibration quality at the fifth chakra level. As a result, we register people as vibrations when we meet them. The higher the vibration, the more in tune a person is with himself or herself.

All vibrations or wave forms are subject to resonance, which is the guiding principle of the fifth chakra and occurs when vibrations lock into rhythm with one another. When something resonates with us, whether it’s a person, an idea, or a piece of music, we have a higher sense of harmony, vitality, clarity, and delight with that person or thing. Resonance at work occurs when we hear something that rings true inside us. Resonance generates a far more harmonious condition by bringing order and unity within.

This is if you want to change the world for the better, you should meditate more, because meditating raises your own vibration and consciousness, which then radiates out into the world, where, thanks to resonance, it influences others’ vibrations to rise to the same level.

Resonance affects communication as well. However, we must first achieve resonance inside ourselves before we can achieve resonance with others. This entails living and communicating in accordance with our truth, which leads us to the fifth chakra’s central concept of stating our truth. The throat chakra is THE power hub of living from our truth from an energy standpoint. We accomplish it by using our voices and our choices, which are the fifth chakra’s messengers. Our wants are given voice by decision, and our voice expresses our choice.

This chakra is also the seat of inner guidance—the spot where we may hear that still, quiet, knowledgeable voice within that can masterfully direct us through any crisis. Of course, it is our obligation to pay attention! If we continue to ignore or disregard that wise inner voice, it will eventually quit speaking to us. Disregarding our inner direction, in fact, will effectively shut down the chakra’s natural operations.

Checking in with ourselves every day to hear our truth, including our subtle guidance, and then monitoring ourselves as we interact with the world to make sure we are in accordance with that truth and with higher will is what living according to our truth entails.

We can have communication issues if the fifth chakra is twisted or shut down. If this chakra has too much energy, people may talk too much, too loudly, or in inappropriate ways (such as gossiping or blaming others). Different difficulties, such as stuttering or fear of speaking, might be caused by a poor throat chakra. Other concerns include feeling as if we’ve lost our sense of direction in life, being unable to absorb what others are attempting to teach us, or being overly shy. Another issue is a lack of imagination.

So, how do you bring your fifth chakra into balance? Journaling is a fantastic technique to start expressing your truth since it allows you to communicate all of your ideas, feelings, and insights about yourself. This energy center can also be cleared by speaking your truth aloud. You might also sing in the shower, the kitchen, the car, or in front of others! Chanting is also effective.

More potent communication, improved creativity, and a sense of ease and flow are all benefits of harmonizing this powerful energy area.