THB® is a holistic therapy that treats the mind, body, energy system, and even the spiritual realm.

It uses an integrative approach to healing , following a very detailed meticulous diagnosis that allows the practitioner to choose the best breathing volume, speed, frequency, and rhythm that is implemented according to the client’s needs.

This tailored individual breathing therapy can target different regions within the brain and the whole energy system helping the client to release his suppressed emotions and stimulate the flow of prana within his meridians.

A bottom-up bodywork and neuro tremor modalities are implemented as well during the session to release bodily traumas and heal the nervous system completely.

On the other side, different brain rewiring techniques are used during the THB® modality to desensitize the client’s traumas and reprogram his/ her subconscious mind.

In addition, THB® incorporates a spiritual anchoring that can heal the complex mind-body energy spirit and increases the vibrations of the biofield.

This integrative concept of healing assures long-lasting results and avoids the relapses of diseases because it treats the human being in its totality.

2 days workshop
Accredited certificate