Our primitive brain controls our breathing and heart rate, and it’s also called a lizard brain or reptilian brain.

This part of the brain is involved with survival and hates change, and it is connected metaphorically to our subconscious mind and comprehends our memories, suppressed emotions, limiting beliefs and general conditioning. When we breathe ordinary we breathe unconsciously and this type of breathing is automatic and called clavicular breathing.

On the other hand when we start to breathe consciously we shift our brain function from the primitive brain to our logical brain and this helps us to bring our unconscious into our conscious mind and this can release our suppressed negative emotions and clean our subconscious mind.

A conscious breath is the first pillar of transformational holistic breathing.


Becoming a Breathwork Practitioner is a way to establish yourself as a professional and take your breathwork career to the next level.
After 2 full days of practice, passing the required exam, training and mentorship your accredited certificate allows you to be ready to start UpchangingLives !