“Transformational Holistic Breathing® Trauma Therapy” Practitioner Level Masterclass

Proud of every beautiful and courageous soul that dared to reveal its wounds and joined the journey of transformation and elevation in the Emotional Release and Trauma Healing course, utilizing more than five therapeutic approaches. Thank you for your pain, your emotions, your awareness, and your determination to evolve into the best version of yourselves. I am proud of each and every one of you. Together, let’s turn this dark universe into an oasis of light and healing!

— Dr. David Abou Khalil

We carried out an in-depth study in our latest masterclass of layered emotions and suppressed traumas, focusing on not only the subconscious mind but also the body, nervous system, and energy field. Through this process we learnt how to release negative emotions and traumas, change subliminal mind and undergo rebirthing.

We studied more than five different therapeutic techniques during the course. They empowered us to heal ourselves and enable us to guide others through their own healing journeys. The course offered a unique opportunity for psychotherapists, energy healers, psychologists, medical practitioners or any other profession that can benefit from enhancing skills, learning new techniques or understanding trauma therapy better.

The journey covered:

1.Transformational Holistic Breathing Therapy®
2.Trauma Release Therapy
3.Energy Medicine
4.Brain Rewiring Therapy
5.Trauma Accupressure & Tapping

Participants were awarded with professional participation certificate accredited by Australia as they joined us on this life-changing road towards self-healing and positive transformation. This is the start of another chapter on our journey towards healing.

We healed ourselves embarking on a journey of deep self-exploration and empowerment which enabled us to achieve lasting positive changes. This rigorous Masterclass equips graduates with the knowledge and expertise
to empower individuals and communities to heal from past wounds,
cultivate resilience and unlock their full potential for well-being.