They always ask me how we can reach a complete transformation in our inner personal life and outer one because we have tried a lot of therapies that had comforted us for a certain lapse of time but we relapse afterwards.

My answer to this question is that we need first to define the human being in its totality, it’s true that a human is a spirit in the experience of the body but he is not only a body nor spirit nor vital energy nor mind, human being is the sum of all of that!

That’s why if I want to heal a person I need to work on all the puzzles that constitute human existence.

It is not enough to heal the spiritual realm neither the subconscious mind neither the conscious mind nor the body, if I truly want to assure a complete and long lasting healing and avoid future relapses, I need first to heal the root of the issue and its reflection within the different parts of the human entity.

Taking in consideration all of the above the Transformational Holistic Breathing® therapy THB that I created is a complete and integrative holistic approach that can address and heal the root issue and its reflection perfectly because if I heal the root cause of the issue without healing its reflection within the body, nervous system and subconscious mind, these reflections will transform into negative anchors within us that hold the traumatic memory and can cause the relapse of issue, hence the importance to seek always the holistic approach that can heal the parts of the puzzle as well to reach a complete and long lasting transformation.

When we transform from within our outer reality will transform as well, the most important is to be ready to embrace and accept this transformation.

The transformation won’t happen if you don’t fully accept it!

Today you are invited to know your worth as sons and daughters of light, your healing journey should be your priority to embrace the best version of yourself, and by healing yourself you will automatically heal the entire universe and transform the globe gradually to a better place.