What if I told you that you have an incredible, never-ending link to the universe’s limitless energy? What if I told you that by connecting, you may gain access to boundless wisdom, direction, and cosmic knowledge?

Would you like to learn how to do it? Who wouldn’t want that?

This is a link that we all share. Our soul star is the first of our higher chakras, and it is known as our soul star.

Chakras at a higher level?

The 7 chakras of our body, those swirling pools of energy that run from our root to our crown, are well-known. Outside of our bodies, however, there are an infinite number of higher chakras – chakras that connect us to the universe’s greater energy. Our link to this wider energy field is Chakra number 8, the soul star. You can tap into your higher self’s wisdom by deepening your relationship with your soul star.

It’s a more sophisticated approach that builds on the work we’ve already done to correctly open our 7 chakras. Each chakra serves as an energy conduit, and they function best when they are in correct alignment. You can then go further into your higher chakras to acquire cosmic wisdom if the 7 body chakras are properly aligned.

When I was younger, I began to reach these upper chakras through meditating on a regular basis — a technique I began as a method to heal. I was able to download this boundless wisdom from my higher chakras because of my continuous meditation practice.