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We all have different experiences, perspectives, and ideas with which we experience the life given to us. Although we see things through different filters, some of us are still viewing things with squinted eyes.

That’s why I always ask my patients to define HAPPINESS because our definition can indicate our level of consciousness.

To be conscious means to operate at a certain level of observing awareness and a certain degree of freedom of choice when thinking, feeling, sensing and interacting with people and the environment.

If your definition of happiness is related to pleasures, owning property, car…the level of your consciousness will be low and if it is related to a mission the level of your consciousness will be high.

Happiness has 2 poles:

The lower pole – the pleasure

The higher pole – the joy

Ultimate happiness transforms into joy through a mission, knowing that your existence is an extension of the presence of others in your life and the presence of others is an extension of your presence.

When you have a mission, your life has more meaning, and you will be happier, and happiness  will become joy.

However, the lower pole is related to pleasure & associated with material possessions; this will lead to a temporary pleasure because if happiness is not coming from WITHIN it won’t be called  happiness.

“Pleasure is always derived from something outside you, whereas joy arises from within, Happiness is an inside job.”