Do you feel losing your emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing?

Do you feel out of BALANCE?

Then working with the forces of Yin & Yang can help!

The primary purpose of this workshop is to develop a deeper understanding of the natural forces of yin and yang and to give practical, modern day applications as to how to go about working with these forces rather than against them.

What you will learn?

  • What is Yin energy, and what are the feminine traits of each and every person?
  • What is Yang energy, and what are the masculine traits of each and every person?
  • What is energy, and how energy oscillates between Yin and Yang?
  • How we can determine Yin and Yang blockages according to Chakras assessment and tongue diagnosis?
  • In depth Chakras assessment.
  • In depth tongue diagnosis.
  • Practical exercises to harmonize the masculine and feminine energy within our bodies and in our life to attract as well healthy Yin and Yang.

Who is it for?

  • Anyone with an interest in yin and yang
  • Anyone with an interest in Oriental medicine
  • Anyone looking to bring more balance into their lives
  • Anyone with an interest in the “art of living”


  • David Abou Khalil
  • Personal Counselor, Advanced therapist, and Trainer.
  • David is specialized in polyvalent therapies such as Mind/Body Approach, Holistic therapy, Chinese medicine and acupuncture, Metaphysical Psychology, Brain rewiring techniques, Physical therapy, Hypnotherapy, CBT and Psychosexual therapy…
  • David is driven by the belief that each one of us has the potential to achieve greatness and unlimited abilities merging the traditional therapies with evidence based practices and combining the ancient techniques with the latest tools in research. He has literally changed the life of thousands of people around the globe teaching them as well through his innovative workshops (Transpersonal Energy medicine, the Transformational Holistic breathing and the INVEST self-mastery and life changing curriculum) different ways to rewire their brains, acquire higher states of consciousness and recondition their bodies to make lasting changes!