Almost every day, some new health trend or alternative therapy claims to be able to help you lose weight quickly, detox your system in 24 hours, or make you happy with a pill. These claims of speedy results are usually false, and they can even be dangerous, because the best method to heal yourself is not immediately, but slowly and steadily, like a turtle. Your health isn’t worth jeopardizing for a miraculous cure, and true, successful, and long-lasting restoration takes time and work. However, if you want to get the most healing bang for your buck, there is one healing approach that has lasted the test of time and is the closest thing you’ll find to a magical cure: energy healing.

It’s a balancing act when it comes to your health.

The mind-body-spirit connection has been well proven through studies and research that show that your system is a balancing act: each component of your being—mind, emotions, body, and soul—has a direct impact on the others. Unprocessed emotional trauma can obstruct your chakras and impair your energy flow, resulting in physical illness or damage. Bodily depression can produce spiritual depression, and physical anguish can cause spiritual pain or a lack of faith—an experience you may have had before finding the appropriate spiritual path.

Consider each aspect of your being like a house’s support beam. When a single beam cracks or collapses, the entire structure is weakened, making it more vulnerable to further issues. When your chakras are blocked, your body is sick, or any foundational component of you isn’t working properly, it knocks the entire structure—you—out of balance, leaving you vulnerable to further injury.

Yoga Is Beneficial in How Many Ways?

This is where energy healing can come to the rescue. I teach you how to clear, charge, and balance their chakras and energy fields, which in turn heals the rest of your bodies: journaling, meditation, service, forgiveness, shamanic breath work, Ayurveda, and many other modalities. Today, I’d like to talk about a technique that is nearly as old as energy medicine: yoga.

This ancient Indian practice has exploded in popularity, with yoga studios springing up all over the place and yoga clothing becoming a fashion trend in its own right. Everyone from celebrities to CEOs to kids now participates in this spiritual practice, and most people are familiar with at least a few of the poses. There have been so many studies and so much data to back up the vast spectrum of favorable outcomes linked to yoga that it is now well-known for its numerous health advantages.

Yoga promotes flexibility and muscle strength, aids digestion, improves sleep, lowers blood pressure, boosts immunological function, reduces pain, and even improves sexual performance on a physical level! Yoga helps you focus, relieves tension, reduces anxiety, and calms your mind on a mental level. Yoga has also been connected to increased self-esteem, inner strength and power, increased awareness, and a greater sense of calm. It can also help you lose weight and tone your body. And this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to yoga!

The Spiritual Side of Yoga

Yoga, like energy healing, is fundamentally a spiritual practice passed down by yogis who have dedicated their life to spiritual pursuits. It “yokes” the body and the soul energetically. Yoga uses movement, or asanas, to reinvigorate your nervous system, circulation, and prana flow, all of which have a good impact on your personal energy field. During the motions, yoga also focuses the breath, or pranayama, and employs the breath to transfer prana in and out of your body. The asanas and breathing are done in a certain order to relax and connect your body and mind, clear and balance your chakras, and connect you to Source.

Yoga is a wonderful addition to your energy medicine practice or any of my healing courses. Yoga is about more than just extending your mind and body; it’s about connecting to yourself on a spiritual level, grounding you to the Earth and your physicality so that you may cultivate your spirituality from a place of strength, and boosting the flow of energy within you. Yoga and energy healing both aim for harmony and balance, as well as clarity of thought and intention and a greater awareness of your higher self.

Yoga is a form of energy healing in its own right, so when you combine the two, the benefits will be multiplied enormously. They’re like best buddies that help each other out by boosting each other’s effectiveness and working toward the same objective of healing and improving your entire existence.